Saturday, 1 June 2013

Cooking with Omega at True Blue Bay, Grenada

One of the great things about visiting the Caribbean is the opportuntity to taste and enjoy the many flavours of the islands. The freshness of the produce such as locally caught fish and the tropical colours of the fruits add a dimension to the trip that  enhances the experience. So, Ive enjoyed conch in The Bahamas, jerk chicken in Jamaica and sampled souse in St Kitts. But for spices, its got to be Grenada. Its not called the Spice isle for nothing. here we find nutmeg, cinnamon, mace and very conceivable pepper, each with their own distinctive taste. On a recent visit i stayed at True Blue Bay resort in the south of Grenada where among other things, I enjoyed a  cookery session with the chef Omega who taught us how to make delicacies such as plantain baked in orange ginger and fish and callaloo fritters.  Omega, pictured here, was thorough and entertaining teacher and the proof of the dishes was certainly in the eating, which we did with gusto!
The hotel is decorated in vibrant tropical colours and there is even a Nutmeg Colada on the cocktail menu

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