Wednesday, 2 May 2018


The Abacos in The islands Of The Bahamas are famous for their sailing, diving and fishing opportunities, but on land there is colourful history experienced by walking around colonial Hope Town, with its red and white candy cane lighthouse, or New Plymouth with its periwinkle and pistachio coloured wooden houses. The islands were settled in the 1700s by Loyalists escaping the American Revolution. Hope Town's candy striped lighthouse, a favourite postcard subject and wedding venue now, but quite controversial when it was under construction back in 1863 because up until then, the islands residents had been making a comfortable living by salvaging ships that wrecked on the offshore reefs

New Plymouth, a short drive from Green Turtle Cay, feels like a sleepy 18th century English town.
Here we find the quaint  and slightly  ramshackle Albert Lowe museum and the fascinating Loyalist Memorial Sculpture Garden. Stop by the old jail and the characterful coffee and ice cream shops. You may notice that the same names crop up on shopfronts, plaques and gravestones – McIntosh, Pinder and Roberts to name just a few.

Stay at the lovely Bluff House, just a short drive away.
Formerly a private home, Bluff House is one of the oldest resorts in The Out islands and sits on the highest point of Green Turtle Cay


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